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September 13, 2022
An employee of the PGI joined the experts of the project “Volunteers”

Elena Sciotis, an employee of the PGI, joined the project experts at the invitation of the organizers of the TV contest “Volunteers”. According to the results of the casting of those wishing to take part in the project, it was necessary to form a team that would have to learn all the nuances of volunteer activity in the next month and a half, discover secrets, study theory and apply the knowledge gained in practice.

You can learn about the progress of the TV project “Volunteers” from Natalia Pogadaeva’s stories on the air of GTRK “Murmansk”.

The project participants coped brilliantly with the first task — training, which was conducted by psychologist Elena Sciotis, demonstrating team coherence. And volunteers cannot do without it in any way!