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July 8, 2019
Visit of our colleagues to Nagoya Unuversity

Our colleagues Dr. A.Demekhov and Dr. B.Kozelov have visited the Institute for Space-Earth Environmental Research of Nagoya University where they are participated with reports in Pulsating Aurora Workshop. This workshop was been organized by prof. Y. Miyoshi (Institute for Space-Earth Environmental Research of Nagoya University) and prof. K. Hosokawa (University of Electro-Communications, Tokyo). A meeting and joint work within the framework of the Japanese-Russian project (supported by RFBR and JSPS) was also held then over the course of three days.

A.G. Demekhov speaking at the Pulsating Aurora Workshop, at the first table Prof. Y. Miyoshi, Project Manager ERG (ARASE). A.G. Demekhov and Shin-ichiro Oyama on the discussion of the work on the Japanese-Russian project. Meeting participants, microphone at Dr. Shin-ichiro Oyama.