Barentsburg Cosmic Ray Station

Barentsburg settlement
Russian settlement Barentsburg on the Svalbard archipelago. 2016.

Building and van
The end face of the PGI observatory building
and green van in front of it with the neutron monitor. (March 2003)
The meteorological observatory is on the right.

Eduard Vashenyuk by the van
Eduard Vashenyuk by the van with the neutron monitor 6-NM-64.

Roof above the monitor Roof above the monitor
In 2004 the van with the neutron monitor has got an external plating and a steep roof to shed snow

Two sections
Since April 2005 the neutron monitor consists of two sections.

Third section installation Three vans
In December 2005 (in conditions of the polar night!) the third section was installed.

Three sections
Now the neutron monitor in Barentsburg is a standard 18-NM-64 instrument.

Data collecting system Data collecting system
Inside view of a van and data acquisition system.

Nice day
Barentsburg, Svalbard. Nice day in July.