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Neutron Monitors

Plots of current data
Apatity neutron monitor current data

Other instruments at the Apatity cosmic ray station
Barentsburg neutron monitor current data

Online database
To get access to the database contact Dr. Yury Balabin, e-mail: balabinApgia.ru ( A denotes @ )
Apatity Barentsburg
Year Month Day Hour Minute
Output: Picture Dead time *) : Large (1.2 ms)
Digits Small (0.01 ms) (available since 1 July 2000)

*) For Apatity only. The dead time is the period during which the registration channel is closed after detecting the next neutron. There are two kinds of Apatity NM count rate data: with Large dead time (LDT) and Small dead time (SDT). The size of LDT, 1200 microseconds, is chosen so that to block the channel on a lifetime of multiplicity neutrons in the neutron monitor. Thus, at use the LDT to each primary neutron there corresponds one pulse. The result is in a better statistical accuracy of registered count rate of neutrons. Compensation of losses because of dead time is provided with a special electronic circuit. The channel with SDT, 10 microseconds (same as in the original neutron monitor of Charmichael), collects pulses from all registered neutrons, including ones of multiplicity.

Information on stations
Apatity Barentsburg
Geographic coordinates: 67.57° N, 33.39° E 78.06° N, 14.22° E
Altitude above sea level: 181 m 70 m
Effective vertical cutoff rigidity: 0.65 GV 0.0 GV
Detector: Standard 18-NM-64 neutron monitor
In continuous operation since: May 1969 April 2003
Time resolution in database: 1 hour before July 2000 1 minute since July 2000 1 minute
Some pictures Some pictures

Principal Investigator  Dr. Yury Balabin, e-mail: balabinApgia.ru ( A denotes @ )