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Geomagnetic Storms And Substorms
Fields, Currents, Particles In The Magnetosphere
Waves, Wave-Particle Interaction
The Sun, Solar Wind, Cosmic Rays
Ionosphere And Upper Atmosphere
Low Atmosphere, Ozone
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Polar Geophysical Institute RAS
184209 Apatity Murmansk region
Akademgorodok 26a
Program committee:
Dr. B.V. Kozelov (Chairman, PGI, Apatity)
Dr. A.A. Lubchich (V.C., PGI, Apatity)
Dr. A.G. Yahnin (PGI, Apatity)
Dr. I.I. Alexeev (SINP MSU, Moscow)
Dr. A.G. Demekhov (IAP RAS/PGI, Nizhny Novgorod/Apatity)
Dr. M.V. Klimenko (West Department of IZMIRAN RAS, Kaliningrad)
Dr. V.V. Mishin (ISTP SB RAS, Irkutsk)
Dr. A.A. Petrukovich (SRI, Moscow)
Dr. V.. Pilipenko (IPE RAS, Moscow)
Dr. V.S. Semenov (S-Petersburg State University, Saint-Petersburg)
Dr. V.A. Sergeev (S-Petersburg State University, Saint-Petersburg)
Organizing committee:
Dr. Andris Lubchich (Chairman)
Dr. Irina Despirak
Dr. Konstantin Orlov
Nadezhda Semenova
Victor Yurov
Tatyana Popova