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Results of the lab of radio physical researches of the lower ionosphere

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Example of registration of the amplitudes of the reflections with different polarization from the ionosphere for 1.0 s
General form of the amplitudes of reflected signals of ordinary and extra-ordinary waves
Distributions of electron concentration in the ionospheric D-region under quiet (2 April, 2004) and disturbed (5 April, 2004) conditions.
Changes in the structure of the lower ionosphere during X-ray solar fares
Time and altitude dependence of the electron concentration, fluxes of X-ray radiation and high energy protons during intense solar perturbances
Ionization rate prior to and at the maximum of the solar flare
Density profiles of positive ions and clusters during solar flares
Altitude profiles of recombination effective coefficient under quiet conditions (the dashed line) and during solar flare maximum (the solid line)