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November 9, 2022
The staff of the PGI together with the staff of the KSC RAS conduct theoretical and experimental studies of geoinducted currents

The Kola Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences is currently actively conducting theoretical and experimental studies of geoinducted currents [that is, the appearance of an electric current in a high-voltage network under the influence of auroras] in the main electric network “Northern Transit”, supported by a two-year grant from the Russian Science Foundation.

The group led by the director of the Center for Physical and Technical Problems of the Energy of the North, Candidate of Technical Sciences Vasily Selivanov in 2021 became the winner of the RSF competition “Conducting fundamental scientific research and exploratory scientific research by small individual scientific groups”. In addition to Vasily Nikolaevich, the group included Yaroslav Sakharov, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, head of the laboratory of the Polar Geophysical Institute, senior researcher at the CES of the KNC RAS, as well as young researchers of the Center – junior researcher Tatiana Aksenovich and programmer Vladislav Bilin.

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