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28 November , 2017
A school of young scientists “High-latitude geophysical studies” was held in the Polar Geophysical Institute

At the 6th school of young scientists “High-Latitude Geophysical Research”, held on November 23, 2017 in the city of Apatity, at the Polar Geophysical Institute, new scientific results were presented by young Russian scientists from the academic institutes and higher educational institutions of the Murmansk region.

During the conference, the following fundamental and applied research questions of the Arctic zone were discussed:

- processes in the high-latitude ionosphere, atmosphere, magnetosphere, lithosphere;

- problems of propagation of radio waves in various natural environments;

- the impact of space weather on the state of technological systems and biological objects.

Conducting an already traditional conference has a great importance for training the human resources of Russian science in the field of Earth sciences.

Following the results of the conference, the scientific works of the following young scientists were singled out: Fedotova E.A. (PGI), Skorokhodov A.A. (Geological Institute KSC RAS), Lebed O.M. (PGI), Suvorova Z.V. (PGI), Nikitenko A.S. (PGI).