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Junuary 22, 2020
Murmansk regional scientific library published a note about the book of the PGI employee T. A. Kornilova “Dancing Aurora”

What is the Aurora? A miracle of nature? Atmospheric phenomenon? Source of inspiration?

For Tatyana Kornilova, author of the book “Dancing Aurora ” is undoubtedly a source of inspiration.

Tatiana is a scientist who has been studying auroras for a long time at the Polar Geophysical Institute. At the same time, the author is a creative person, she has always been interested in painting, music, ballet, and rhythmic gymnastics.

All these Hobbies are harmoniously combined in the book in the form of bizarre combinations of author’s drawings and photos of the polar lights.

It turned out to be original, beautiful and harmonious!!! Ask for the book in the local history Department! And catch the Northern lights dancing!