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Laboratory of Radio Sounding of the Ionosphere

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Basic research activities

  • Conducting of radio tomography observations with the array of receiving stations along the magnetic meridian Spitsbergen archipelago – Moscow – Sochi
  • Study of the
    • structure of the ionosphere
    • relation of anisotropy parameters of small-scale ionospheric irregularities with the plasma convection in the polar cap ionosphere with the use of radio tomography data
  • Experimental works on the detection of stimulated HF-emission produced in modifying the high-latitude ionosphere by powerful HF radiation.
  • Study of the structure and dynamics of ionospheric perturbations produced by heating facilities, based on the generation of ELF-SLF-VLF and HF radio waves.
  • Experimental works on the remote sounding of the crust by means of stationary sources of ELF electromagnetic field.
  • Study of the influence of the ionosphere on the excitation of electromagnetic waves in the ELF range.


Major scientific problems

Development of the techniques, methods, and algorithms of radiotomographic observations of the ionosphere with the use of satellite navigation systems. Application to diagnostics of the effects of various ionospheric modifications. Development of the methods for diagnostics and estimating the structure and dynamics of ionospheric artificial irregularities with the use of radio physical equipment. Estimation of the initial parameters of ionospheric irregularities, which can be used in the development of their evolution models, and characteristics of the equipment enabling to detect the irregularities in the far-field region. Increase of effectiveness of mineral exploration, geological exploration of fractures and other intratelluric structures by application of the stationary sources of the ELF electromagnetic field.

Scientific relations

The lab of radio sounding of the ionosphere has scientific relations with the Institute of applied geophysics named after academician E. K. Fedorov (Moscow), and the Research Institute of radio physics (RIRP, Nizhni Novgorod) within the Federal principal program “Creation and development of the geophysical system for monitoring of geophysical conditions over the territory of RF for 2008-2015”. The lab keeps up and expands scientific cooperation with RIRP (Nizhni Novgorod), Russian Institute for Powerful Radiobuilding (RIPR, St.-Petersburg), University of Tromso, (Norway), and international scientific organization EISCAT in the study of the effects of ionosphere modification by powerful HF radiation. The lab closely cooperates with the chair of atmospheric physics of the physical department of the Moscow State University named after Lomonosov (Moscow) in conducting joint experiments, data exchange, data processing, and interpretation of the results. Studies of the ionosphere modified by HF radiation have been performed together with scientific researchers from the Physical Institute named after P. N. Lebedev (RAS, FIAN, Moscow). The lab keeps up scientific collaboration with the Murmansk State Technical University (MSTU, Murmansk) in the interpretation of the results and analysis of dynamics of ionospheric structures by comparison of tomographic reconstruction pictures of ionospheric electron density spatial distributions with the results of numerical simulations. In the years 1997-2002, 2003-2006, 2007-2012 the lab was a partner of the Norwegian-Russian program of the study of the upper atmosphere within the agreement on scientific-technological cooperation in Arctic and exploration of the North between the Federal Agency on science and innovations of RF and Research Council of Norway. Within this program, the cooperation with the University of Tromso, Auroral observatory of Tromso, and University center on Svalbard (UNIS) has been keeping up. The scientific researchers of the lab have common publications with the colleagues from the Institute of Space and Atmospheric Studies, University of Saskatchewan (Saskatchewan, Canada), and University of Leicester (Leicester, England).

Plans for the nearest future

Conducting of research works on SLF-ELF sounding with the use of depth-sensors. Usage in the ionospheric studies of optical and radiotomographic data combined with the data on the electron content obtained with GPS signals.


Patent on the invention №23613664 “Two-way link with a submarine object”, registered in the RF State invention register, on 10 July 2009.

Principal publications

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